A number of test-beds is under development at the Integrated systems Facility and the Embedded System & Networking Laboratory of the IMS Research Gro up. We envision that the test-bed will be utilized to achieve the following goals:

  1. Models and algorithms that we are developing as a part of our research agenda can be effectively tested and validated in a short time, which adds value to our academic work.
  2. Different hardware and software tools provided by our industry partners can be tested and benchmarked in a real life-like, industrial setting.
  3. Based on the first two goals, we can design and develop new tools that can provide viable solutions to the industry.

In order to achieve these goals, we have laid out an effective plan for design, development, and implementation of hardware and software modules that can be integrated in a flexible manner.

You Can Download the videos of Test Beds and Demos here

Test bed 1 - Spool Sticking Diagnosis and Root Cause Analysis for Pneumatic Systems

Test bed 2 - Pump Prognostics - Mechanical Seal Failure Prediction

Demo 1 - Energy Harvesting for Wireless Motes

Demo 2 - Industrial Monitoring and Control Using Wireless Multihop Network Routing Protocol

Demo 3 - Trending Prognostic Agent with Applications to Compressor Valve and Pump Seal Failure Prediction

Demo 4 - Process Monitoring and Product Quality Verification for Handheld Pull Type Tools

Demo 5 - In Process Monitoring and Product Quality Verification for Handheld Rotary Type Tools

Demo 6 - RFID data-driven Cold Chain Inventory Management

Demo 7 - MTS-based Diagnostics for Pneumatic Systems

Demo 8 - Power Monitoring using Wireless Missouri S&T Mote

Demo 9 - Energy Harvesting - Deployment on a Earthmoving Vehicle Part1

Demo 10 - Energy Harvesting - Deployment on a Earthmoving Vehicle Part2

Demo 11 - Wireless Multi-hop Network Routing Protocol

Demo 12 - Combustion Engine Compressor Demo

Demo 13 - An Online Failure Accomodation Strategy

Demo 14 - Embedded Agent for Integrated Product Lifecycle and Asset Management

Demo 15 - MST Monitoring and Prognostics of Large Scale Systems

Demo 16 - Multi Level Asset Tracking Demo

Demo 17 - GPS + Inertial Navigation System Tracking of Assets Demo